About Me

I'm a sociologist of race and class inequality, culture, youth and education. My two interconnected lines of research focus on relationships and digital technologies. 

How does the racial history and economic structure of a community shape the way teachers view and interact with their students? Why is children's overall well-being increasing alongside greater surveillance by institutions? How has the influx of technology into schools impacted teacher-student relationships and inequalities among students? How can sociologists adapt their methods to address the growing offline-online nature of social life? 
 These are some of the questions my work addresses. I'm a mixed methods researcher who uses ethnography, interviews, content analysis and surveys to address how relationships and digital technologies contribute to inequalities in schools and families. I take an intersectional approach that considers how organizational cultures can reproduce (or challenge) inequality in the lives of children and youth. I'm also an award-winning instructor who prioritizes creating research opportunities for my students inside and outside of the classroom